Trust Us: A Rivers Edge Christmas Novella

RELEASE DATE: February 2, 2016

~This 15,000 word novella was originally published in the Christmas Miracles Anthology 2015~

After four wonderful years of marriage, Maddox and Avery Jackson have the life they’ve dreamed about: three beautiful children, the perfect house, and the continuous love and support of their close family and friends. Though the road, for either of them, wasn’t easily traveled, they wound up at this very place in life: together.

Life can be spontaneous, chaotic, and downright messy at times, and with three young children, two full-time jobs, and an extended family that still gathers for Sunday dinners, Maddox and Avery are in desperate need of a break. A mini-Christmas getaway is just what the doctor ordered.

Whisked away to the tropical island of Antigua, Maddox and Avery set out to soak up the sun and enjoy as much alone time as they can possibly squeeze into their short four-day stay.

But what happens when their private mini-getaway turns into anything but private? Will Maddox and Avery remember the trust they found in each other when their perfect trip takes a turn for the worse?

*Can be read as a standalone, but would be better to read with the series.
**If you’ve read the series, this novella would fit right after Boss Me, book 5.

*Disclaimer: This book contains graphic language and detailed sex and is recommended for those 18 and over.

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